Explore new depths.

About Nautilus

Started by a small team of undergraduate engineers
at the University of California, Santa Cruz.
Nautilus is designed to give you a new perspective of the world
around you. The goal of this project is to create an
affordable underwater ROV that can be used in many
applications, ranging from casual photography to
Search and Rescue.

With two modes of operation, Nautilus ensures you're
able to capture amazing Full HD 1080p footage whether you're
in the water, or on shore.

Meet the Nautilus SDP Team

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Andrew is a fifth year Bioengineering student with a Bioelectronics concentration and a Computer Engineering minor. Within this project, he has worked mainly on developing a reliable wireless underwater communication system. Andrew joined this project because he believes it can have a beneficial humanitarian and recreational purpose. Joseph is a fourth year Computer Engineering major with experience as a Software Engineer. His contributions to this project involve a wide variety of subjects including both software and hardware. He is very proud to be working on this project because of the many applications he believe it has. Kenny is a fifth year electrical engineering major. He is in charge of the power supply and PCB design for this project. Being on this project has been a gratifying experience for Kenny as it allowed him to utilize all the skills he has aquired from his studies. Michael is a senior double majoring in Electrical Engineering and Network and Digital technology. Through his corporate experience in product marketing and management, he has developed a keen eye for innovative design and up-and-coming technologies. Michael works on 3D modeling, electronic hardware, and quality assurance. Patrick is an Electrical Engineering and Network/Digital Technology double major graduating in Spring 2017. He has a passion for making, inventing, and solving problems creatively. Patrick's work on Nautilus has been centered on developing the main software engine (including live video transmission and pilot UI) and orientation sensing/stabilization control systems.

Project Progress